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CHIA's Chloe Van Dyke

We were stoked to have Chloe Van Dyke from CHIA join us on our first Nurture Change Business Retreat last year, as one of the Westpac Growth Grants winners. Her highly nutritious drinks business is going great guns, in its targeted mission to provide endurance athletes with both hydration and sustenance in a single convenient serving.

This month Chloe has talked to NZ Entrepreneur magazine about her entrepreneurial journey and what she has learnt. You can read that HERE.

We particularly liked two things about this article:

1. This quote from her: "When you start a business, particularly one that is a little bit different you will get people that think you are crazy. I think all entrepreneurs are a little bit crazy." 

2. These questions she shared for anyone else trying to turn their good idea into a business:

• Who is your customer?
• What is the problem you are trying to solve for them?
• What are they doing now to solve their problem?
• What solution are you providing to your customer?
• What makes you or your idea better than
the alternatives currently available?
• What is the message you will send to your customer?
• How will your customer find out about you?
• How are you going to get your product/
service to your customer (distribution)?
• How are you going to make money?
• What do you need to get started (time, money, people etc)?
• What will be the ongoing costs (time money, people etc)? 

It's a great read, Chloe - well done! 

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