Steve Pirie - Co Founder

My most influential female entrepreneurs

Steve Pirie wanders the world looking for things that invoke 'wonder.' What's wonder you ask? It's that thing that makes you sit back and go wow that's awesome. The world of wonder is a place where inspiration, growth, knowledge and play interact. It's a place we were lost in when we were kids, playing. It's the place we find ourselves when we are in our element, living in line with our values and our passions. You'll find wonder at Nurture Her, I guarantee it.  Known as wander pilot on Instagram, Steve developed Nurture Change in 2015, the co-ed version of Nurture Her, alongside Zac de Silva (World renowned & award winning international business coach). In this short video (7 minutes) Steve talks to us from an event Nurture Her co-founder, Sarah Nally, curates - Wired For Wonder. You'll find out how Nurture Her was born, who the most influential female entrepreneurs Steve admires and why all this nurturing stuff is important. 

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