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All You Need

What To Pack

Wondering what to pack for your trip to Fiji? Will it be hot? Do I need anything formal??? Can I just bring my beach wear?? Well, you’re in luck because we have prepared an exclusive list for you.

You’ll be staying at The Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa which is an hours drive south of Nadi on the stunning Coral Coast. We will detail all of your arrival instructions in another article but rest assured that everything is sorted - we will greet you at the airport and get you to the resort. 

Let me just say that when you arrive at The Intercontinental you will breathe a sigh of satisfaction because from your first steps inside the hotel the vista is simply stunning. You get the comforting feeling that you have ‘arrived’ as you soak in the stunning view of the beach. This first impression will really set the tone for your week to come. 

Now to the weather. 

Although we can’t crystal ball gaze we can say that, the best time to visit Fiji is from late October to early November. During this period, the weather is dry, settled and warm and the beaches and resorts are far less crowded. 

Fiji has a warm tropical climate perfect for beachside holidays and is a key reason Fiji has a reputation as one of the worlds most sought after holiday destinations. 

Maximum temperatures in Fiji rarely move out of the 31C to 26C range all year round. A cooling trade wind blows from the east south-east for most of the year. It usually drops to a whisper in the evening and picks up again by mid-morning.

The weather will be ideal for lazing by the pool or dipping your toes in the aqua-blue waters a short walk from your luxurious room. All you will need here is light clothes to protect you from the sun and flip flops or sandals. But, inside the conference room we will have the AC on and this, at times, can get a little chilly, especially if you are not moving for periods of time listening to our fabulous speakers! So we recommend bringing a cardigan or something to throw over your shoulders. 

Each night we will usually have dinner outside, near the pool or beach. The locations are stunning! There is no expectation to dress up for these events. We just want you to be comfortable. The final dinner on our last night will be a bit fancier so feel free to wear something you feel special in. Comfort is key. 

There’s really not that much more to tell you about but below is a checklist to make sure you’re all set. 

Your To Do List

Passport: Is it up to date? It must be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Fiji.
Travel insurance: Are you covered?
Safety: Have you registered your travel plans with smartraveller and checked the latest safety advice on the region you're travelling to?
Money: Have you told your bank you're going overseas and do you know how you'll be paying for things in Fiji?
Phone: Have you switched off data roaming and voicemail? If you're planning to use a local or travel SIM, is your phone unlocked? The Intercontinental has WiFi.
Medication (see below): Have you checked that your regular medication is legal to bring into Fiji? 

What You Need To Pack

- Travel documents
- Money (cash and cards)
- Passport
- A copy of your travel insurance details
 -A list of emergency contacts at home and in Fiji
- Chargers (you won't need a power adapter to use your Australian appliances in Fiji)
- Laptop/iPad/Kindle/Books/Business Cards
- Mosquito repellent & sunscreen 
- Any regular medication (in original packaging, with prescriptions)

Important: If you're travelling with any medication classed in Fiji as a controlled drug (e.g. pethidine, codeine, morphine) you'll need to apply in advance for approval from the Fijian Ministry of Health.

Tip: No matter where you travel, you should carry all medications (even vitamins) in their original packaging, along with their original prescription. It's also a good idea to carry a letter from your doctor explaining what the medications are (using generic names), what they're for and dosage instructions.

We will provide you with a gorgeous journal for note taking as well as a collection of other gifts upon your arrival. 

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